Details Emerge About Eliot Spitzer's Hookergate


New York's former governor has interesting tastes in bed.

OK, this is admittedly gossipy and a touch tawdry but let's be a sewing circle for the next 10 minutes and gab about it anyway. It'll be fun. We promise. 

So last year, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer (Client 9 if you're nasty) was outed in a rather embarrassing prostitution scandal involving a hooker ring called Emperors Club VIP and a prostitute named "Kristen." Client 9 was a loyal customer of the high-priced ho stroll and is thought to have spent $15, 000 on sex in a six-month period. His swan song to the world of high class prostitution (or so he says) is when investigators caught up with him on his latest $4,000 charge in Washington D.C. Within a week he had resigned from office, and the hooker in question (Ashley Dupre) became a media sensation within her own right.

Now to the good stuff. The New York Daily News' Rush and Malloy gossip column somehow found a previous Spitzer charge—"Annie"—and shook her down for intimate details of the affair.

As it turns out, the govern-ah likes to incorporate some make believe into his on-the-down-low-romps. According to Annie, he was "rough and too aggressive." As she told the paper:

"He wanted a scenario where I was supposed to say I had just been to a self-defense class. He was supposed to respond, 'Let's see if you learned anything. He would be aggressive. I would have to defend myself. When he arrived, he took off his jacket but kept on his shirt and tie. His demeanor was nice, but I don't remember any kissing or tenderness. He wanted to get on with the role-play. It was the first time I'd done that. I remember holding his wrists and him pushing back. I felt he was gauging my strength. We moved to the bed. He put his clothes neatly to the side, folding his pants. Yes, he did leave his socks on."

Ha! Eliot Spitzer kept his socks on! 

Annie goes on to say that Spitzer "pinned" her to the bed, held her down and grabbed her throat. Being worried about her safety she called it quits on the whole thing and left.

"I don't think he was planning on really hurting me. He didn't ask if I was all right. He didn't appear to be mad, either. Maybe he had had so many experiences with other people that he could see I didn't know what I was doing. As he was leaving, he gave me a tip."

Well at least he's a good tipper.

"Annie" being the classy, private lady that she is, then told the paper that she's currently pleasuring a governor from another state. Note to Annie—stop giving gossip columns this grade A dirt and write a tell-all to rival your former madam Kristen Davis' The Manhattan Madam.