Break The Depression - Set Up A Fitness Routine


Get yourself out of the post-break up ruts by setting up a fitness regimen!

By Monique Zamir, BounceBack Editorial Staff

Motivation can be difficult to grab a hold of when you’re riding the emotional roller coaster of a relationship breakup. Many days, lazing around on the couch seems to be a more desirable activity than something potentially more productive and better for you. And, even when you do want to do more productive things, such as work out, actually finding the motivation and willpower to do so can be next to impossible.


Once you do get into something like a physical fitness regimen, it's amazing how you can feel incredibly motivated and a thousand times better about yourself than you did when you were lazing about on that couch. But, how do you overcome lethargy and get into that fitness regimen? First, you'll need to set some basic goals. Make them simple and achievable; for example, start going to gym, but set out a time limit like 30 or 45 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week. Begin with simple weight-lifting machines and brisk walks on the treadmill.


After the first week or two, you can set up a more detailed regimen for your workout and make your goals more specific, such as setting a targeted weight loss goal in a reasonable time frame, or strengthening your body and increasing your overall fitness. Then plan out a routine that will help you attain that goal and maintain your success afterwards. Personal trainers at your gym may be able to provide free advice and suggestions for your plan so that you can be certain you're headed in the right direction - so don't hesitate to ask.


Creating a specified physical fitness regimen is an important factor in being proactive about your self and your self-esteem. When you detail what your goals are and how you intend to achieve them, it makes them far more attainable than when you leave them as some pipe dream you may or may not actually get around to doing. Once you get into a routine, getting motivated to do other things will come easier, you’ll be in a productive rampage, and in no time you’ll be feeling a lot better than you were before.


What are you waiting for?


Monique is a writer and recent college graduate transitioning to the working world. She currently resides in New York.