Japanese Rain Goggles + Other Sex Moves That May (Or May Not) Exist

TRY as you might, it probably won't happen.

Japanese Rain Goggles: A New Sex Act? weheartit

The sitcom Two and a Half Men once achieved the impossible: It mentioned a sex act that the Internet had never heard of, and if you know the Internet, you'll also know that it's usually the premiere source of obscure sex moves. 

"Japanese Rain Goggles" had the web in a tizzy back then and we're still curious. After Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen mentioned it in a conversation about sex on the show, the term shot up on Google's list of trending topics. The term generated quite a response on Twitter, much of which is too graphic to repost. What "Japanese Rain Goggles" actual entails is anyone's guess, but more than likely, it (the term, not the act) is a product of writer Chuck Lorre's imagination. 


But that didn't stop the Interwebz from speculating.  Clever (and not always classy) posters on Urban Dictionary defined the term as "When a mans balls cover a woman's eyes as she gives him oral" or "When orally pleasing a girl and she is squirting in your face so you have to squint like a Japanese person, and you wish you had a pair of goggles."

This isn't the first time that a TV show or a movie has come up with a silly name for some mysterious sex act, though. In Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother the gang discussed Canadian sex acts in an effort to guess which one Robin committed with a Canadian celebrity.


As a clever gimmick, the show's producers compiled a list of the sex acts on CanadianSexActs.org, which include terms like the "Montreal Meatpie," the "Manitoba Milkbag," and the "Northwest Passage." (Our personal favorite is the "Two Girls, One Stanley Cup.") Again, the enactment of these acts lies in your clever imaginations.

The trope is also popular in teen films that tone down sexual dialogue for a PG-13 rating. A couple of years ago, Mean Girls popularized the phrases "butter your muffin" and "made out with a hotdog." However, unlike "Japanese Rain Goggles," these aren't too hard to figure out.

A more recent teen flick, Easy A, dropped the term "lemon bag" in a discussion about gay sex. Again, not as esoteric, but still somewhat of a mystery.

As much as we hate being confused, we'll admit that terms like "motorboat" and "teabagging" are so overused that they're more obnoxious than funny. Maybe it's up to CBS sitcoms to help us coin new code names for sex acts, although we'd rather hear them from someone besides Charlie Sheen.


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