3 Best Sex Positions To Try If You're Overweight

Love your curves and your sex life with these hot tips.

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No matter your size, everyone deserves the knowledge that will give them their best shot at a fulfilling sex life. Thus, I decided to put together this guide to sex positions for fat, chubby, curvy or overweight people, giving you a repertoire of positions that you can use in bed when things heat up to improve YOUR pleasure. 

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Before we get to the actual list of sex positions, there are a few things you should be aware of to make sure you have an incredible experience:

  • Remember That The Key Is Pleasure: If you are trying out one of my suggestions and you find it uncomfortable and difficult to perform, then just "hit" pass (or make adjustments) and move on to the next position. But, there's simply no point using positions that don't give you pleasure.
  • This List Is Not Exhaustive: This list of sex position suggestions for fat women should serve only as your starting point. Once you have tried out all the positions on this list and have found some you and your partner personally enjoy, then it's time to start trying variations of these positions that you think you may enjoy.
  • Something To Keep In Mind: When tackling new sex positions to try with your lover, it's important to remember that the main aim of each position is for everyone to be comfortable, including but not limited to easy penetration. So if you're trying other positions that aren't on this list, consider the aforementioned. This usually involves some stretching or crouching. 

Now, let's learn the best sex positions to try if you've overweight.


1. Doggystyle Position

The first and easiest position to try if you are overweight is doggystyle. While you probably already know how to perform doggystyle with your man, let me quickly go over it. You need to get on hands and knees facing the bed. Your man will then be on his knees and will enter you from behind, but he can also do this while you're on the bed and he's standing on the floor, so it's pretty easy to perform. You can even put some pillows underneath you to help hold your weight.

However, to make it really easy, there are a few things you should try. Remember what I said about stretching or crouching earlier? Well, if your man is having trouble entering you when you are on your hands and knees, then try bringing you head and chest as close to the bed as possible. This will help you to "open up" and make it easier for your man to then enter you. Additionally, you can also try remaining on your knees, but move your body backwards to help you further open up to your man. 

2. Cowgirl Position

Another sex position you should try if you consider yourself fat is cowgirl. Your man simply needs to lie down on his back and you then need to sit down on top of him while straddling him. If you are finding it difficult to get much penetration in this position, then you should try a cowgirl variation like Asian Cowgirl. Instead of simply straddling your man, you can try to squat down over him.

To do this, you just need to place a foot either side of your man while remaining standing. Then you need to lower yourself down while bending your knees until you are squatting right on top of him and let him then enter you. This will help you open up more for him.


3. Sideways Crunched Turtle

Excuse the weird name, but this sex position really works if you are overweight. To perform it, you need to first to make sure you have a bed that is raised from the ground by about two feet. You then need to lie down on the bed, on your side.

Next, pull your legs into your chest and wrap your arms around your legs to keep them firmly held in place. While getting into this position, you'll notice that you are able to open yourself right up for your man. He then needs to be standing on the ground and can enter you if you've positioned yourself at the edge of the bed. Alternatively, he can remain on his knees on the bed and enter you that way.

So there are 3 simple, yet powerful sex positions you can use when you are overweight. Here is a video with a few more: 


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