More Very Poorly Named Brands


Apple's iPad isn't the only branding fail.

As you likely know, Apple Inc. recently put out what will surely be the greatest product of all time: the unfortunately named iPad. And the jokes abounded. Obviously, a fantastic thing could overcome a terrible name but, like Howard Dean's 2004 screech, it digs a hole almost too difficult to crawl out of. Read: Apple iPad A Big Hit On Twitter, Period

A few companies have recently taken the unprecedented step of changing venerable old names because they sounded so ridiculous in a contemporary setting.

  • Per Yahoo! News, an old Canadian magazine called The Beaver is sick and tired of being snickered at. The magazine was founded 90 years ago and was once focused on the fur trade (hence the name), but has more recently focused on Canadian history. The magazine will change its name to Canadian History starting with their April issue. It must have been a tough decision not to cover cats more extensively. Read: What Words Are Off Limits These Days?
  • According to the Telegraph, the Wisconsin Tourism Federation has had enough of your mean jokes and snide comments. Abbreviated as WTF, the Badger State's come-visit-us department was often mistaken as shorthand for "what the f***," an exclamation of surprise. Since the three words summed up the WTF's position so succinctly, they just rearranged them to Tourism Federation of Wisconsin.

A few companies should consider a brand/name realignment:

  • Gaylord Hotels. The hotel chain shares a name with the one funny thing about the movie Meet The Parents. Not a great distinction.
  • Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and Twinkies. At this point, any Hostess product name could be considered a euphemism for something else, except for Chocodiles. Wait, I just thought of one.

Then there are the brands that pretend to be blissfully unaware of their dirty names:

  • Pink Taco. It would be offensive if the tacos weren't so tasty and affordable.
  • Dickens Cider. Originally a joke, an enterprising company now markets an energy drink by that name.

Any other products that should change an accidentally or intentionally bad name?