Divorce Registry: A Good Idea?


Should you get stuff from your friends when you get divorced?

Over at NewsLite.TV they have news of a wonderful idea, or possibly something crass and completely without merit. You be the judge. The story goes that a retailer 'round old Londontown has decided that what's good for the goose is good for the gander or, in this case, the fiancé and divorcee, respectively.

Debenhams, a department store in the UK, has created a divorce registry in the hopes of easing the transition from two to one. Gift registries, both for weddings and new babies, are major money makers for department stores. Unfortunately for retailers, people are cohabiting before marriage in greater numbers, and needing less in the way of knickknacks, paddywhacks and doodads once they say their I Dos. So could a reverse registry be a good idea? Perhaps. Most dudes, after all, only spend big dollars on things like televisions, kegerators and decorative Star Wars tapestries (used to cover holes punched into walls), and often ignore the true necessities. Read: 15 Common Divorce Mistakes

So separating couples really do need stuff, as even the most adversarial of parting spouses wouldn't stoop so low as to break up a matching set of high-end tableware. And when you find your best friend in bed with your wife, the last thing you want to worry about is who gets the coffee table. But can this idea take off? Read: 4 New Ways To Approach Divorce

Is the dissolution of a marital union something we really want to commercialize? Haven't we already let the Madison Avenue fat cats have Christmastime? And how many people really want to make purchases for their splitting friends and family? While it's practical, it also seems a bit morbid, like hooking up with someone you met at a funeral. Read: How To Be A Good Wedding Guest Without Going Broke

My favorite part of this is that you probably know your ex's favorite passwords, and can sabotage their registry with lots of gag items. Hello strange sex toys and goodbye stainless steel utensils!

Thoughts on a divorce registry? Is it gauche to request cash? Also, enjoy the video.