Type This For A Healthy Relationship

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Instant message study finds that happy couples say "I".

Good with your hands? Your agility may reap beyond-the-bedroom benefits for your relationship—especially if you're using your fingertips for typing. 
A new study caught up with the ordinary communication between couples by looking at 10 days worth of instant-message conversations of almost 70 United States couples who had been dating for about a year and a half. The couples also completed relationship satisfaction questionnaires at the time of the study and again six months later, when 40 percent of the couples were no longer dating
It turns out that the language couples use to express themselves during everyday, run-of-the-mill conversation correlates to their satisfaction and the likelihood that their relationship will last. While there's no telling whether you can improve your relationship by using certain words or phrases, you can use the study's findings to assess the current state of your relationship.  
If that thing you do with your fingers includes excessive tapping of the letter "I," during instant-message conversations with your guy, rest assured that your relationship is in good shape. According to the study, the more often women use the word "I" in their instant messages, the more satisfied they are with their partners. (The men on the receiving end agreed!) Couples who exchanged "I"s most often were 30 percent more likely to stay in their relationships
The study also found some precursors for problematic relationships. Red lights include his positive sarcasm (he says "That's just great" when you tell him you lost your job) and your positive negations ("not happy").