The Britney-Justin Restaurant Run-In

Justin Timberlake

Us Magazine reports that there was drama in the hills recently and it had nothing to do with LC or Justin Bobby. Evidently, worlds collided when exes Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake accidentally wound up at the same restaurant in West Hollywood. Here’s the scoop according to an “eyewitness”: Justin was grabbing a late night bite with girlfriend Jessica Biel when Britney walked in with her mother. The reports goes on note the following somewhat superfluous comment: “While "Jessica looked gorgeous," Spears "didn't look the best, but she probably thought no one would see her, as this restaurant isn't usually a hot spot.”  Anyway, it was evidently super uncomfortable after that because the restaurant was really tiny and all so there was evidently no way to get away from being within eye shot for either of the exes. The eyewitness goes on to report, “"Jessica and Justin looked to be slumping down in their seats to avoid [Spears]. She left 30 minutes later. Shortly afterward, Justin and Jessica got in their car and left.”

You might say things shouldn’t be awkward after all this time but this little breakup rocked the entertainment world for a while. The couple broke up in 2002 after rumors swirled that I'm-a-virgin Britney had allegedly cheated on Justin with choreographer Wade Robson. This breakup allegedly spawned a couple of songs on Justin’s breakout solo album, Justified, including the song and video for the song “Cry Me A River.” Since that time, Britney has admitted that she was devastated by the breakup, saying on her 2008 documentary, “With Justin, he was part of the magnitude of what I had become. So when he was gone I was like, 'what am I supposed to do with myself?'” Justin has admitted he has “nothing but love” for his ex but it appears that stops with giving public statements: actually running into your ex is completely different than telling people you’re ok with your ex. 

A couple of things here, people. First of all, let this be a lesson that you can NEVER leave the house without looking somewhat presentable. You may run into your ex, a prospective date, your boss – you never know! Please, please do not schlep out of the house because karma will inevitably sneak up on you like this and bite you on the backside. 

Second and lastly, running into your ex can still be completely complicated and bring up some wild memories and emotions. It can be your ex befriending you on Facebook or a random supermarket run-in a la Dan Fogelberg’s "Auld Lang Syne." Exes bring up feelings and complications that no one can really understand except the two of you. Remember to breathe and be confident in your interactions. You’ve both moved on, you can be adult about things (theoretically) and if you choose to speak to each other, be kind, exchange pleasantries and you can just leave it at that. 

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Of course, if you have sex with your ex, that is a completely different story and another situation altogether. We’ll cover that another time.