The 10 Most Romantic Christmas Songs Of All Time To Share With The One You Love

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romantic Christmas songs

For couples, every day can be filled with romance. But at Christmas time, hearts seem to grow a little bigger and beat a little faster. 

There is just something about the holiday season that makes everyone hold their loved ones just a little bit closer. Maybe it's because it is coming at the end of the year. Maybe it's because the holidays just seem magical. Whatever the reason is, love is surely in the air. 

You want to make some special memories around this time that you can hold onto forever. Memories that will keep you all warm and fuzzy in the cold weather. 

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And now that all your shopping is done, whip up a batch of hot cocoa and cozy up by the fireplace with your special someone for some alone time — and we have just the soundtrack to make your night even more special. Here are 10 of the most romantic Christmas songs to share with the one you love.

1. "Winter Wonderland" by Frank Sinatra

Later on, we'll conspire
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid, the plans that we've made
Walking in a winter wonderland

Despite its chilly, snowy subject matter, this old standard never fails to give folks the warm fuzzies. And the part about "Parson Brown," the snowman marrying the song's couple, might inspire some men to pop the question.

There are plenty of good versions of this love song, but some of our favorites were recorded by Bing Crosby, Darlene Love, and Eurythmics.

2. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you

Even though this Christmas classic seems to be about an unrequited love or missing someone who's away during the holidays, the sentiment is still perfect for very-together couples. So snuggle and thank Santa for bringing you together.

3. "Christmas Eve" by Celine Dion

Walkin' with you in a winter's snow
Kissin' underneath the mistletoe
People smiling everywhere we go
It's Christmas Eve and they can see we're in love

This tune has kind of a similar theme to that of Mariah's song, with the basic message that lovers don't need anything for Christmas but each other. But just like Christmas is the time for love, it's also the time for musical divas. There's certainly room for more than one on your list.

4. "Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You" by Billy Squier

Christmas is the time to say, "I love you"
Share the joys of laughter and good cheer
Christmas is the time to say, "I love you"
And a feeling that will last all through the year

For those couples who like to rock out during the holidays, this is just the song. And it serves as a reminder to keep the joy and love of Christmas in your hearts all year long.

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5. "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway

Presents and cards are here
My world is filled with cheer and you
This Christmas
And as I look around
Your eyes outshine the town, they do
This Christmas
Fireside is blazing bright
We're caroling through the night

A wonderful 70s R&B song that's now considered a Christmas classic, this one will really get you in the mood for love. Other music artists like Christina Aguilera have covered the song as well, in case you're looking for a more modern version

6. "Merry Christmas, Darling" by The Carpenters

I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish on this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you

If you just can't be together during the holidays, why not call up your special someone and serenade him or her over the phone with this lovely holiday gem? This song is also just fine for you couples who do get to spend Christmas together, because it will make you appreciate how lucky you are to be in each other's arms.

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7. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" by Stevie Wonder

Oh baby, here I am, signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours
Here I am baby
Oh, you've got the future in your hand
(Signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours)

If you're a fan of Stevie Wonder (and love the holiday season), this is a must-listen. Though it's popular for year-round listening, it's perfect for Christmas together-time with your honey.

8. "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" by Dean Martin

Off with my overcoat off with my gloves
Who needs an overcoat I'm burning with love
My heart's on fire and the flame grows higher
So I will weather the storm
What do I care how much it may storm
I've got my love to keep me warm

Though Dean Martin has a boatload of Christmas songs, this one is certainly the most romantic of them all (and catchiest). Serenade your partner with this classic, sultry song, and you'll be snuggled by the fireplace in no time.

9. "I Want to Come Home For Christmas" by Marvin Gaye

If I can't make it home in time
I know you'd be keeping my spirits bright
By wearing my name and trying to stop this fight
Oh, but I'd give anything to see you and the family
And that little Christmas tree

This song is absolutely perfect for couples who have to be away from each other during the holidays. Call your love up and sing them this beautiful song by one of the greatest singers of all time.

10. "Christmas Through Your Eyes" by Gloria Estefan

I wanna learn how to believe again
Find the innocence in me again
Through your young heart
Help me find a way, help me try
I wanna see Christmas through your eyes

If you're usually a Grinch this time of year but your love starts celebrating as soon as November rolls around, tell them how much you appreciate them with a little Gloria Estefan. You can't go wrong!

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