These Celebrity Exes Are Worse Than Yours

marilyn manson

The bad behavior of these 8 celebrity exes make your previous breakups look like a walk in the park.

We’ve all done a few things we aren’t proud of in the midst of a heinous breakup. Who among us hasn’t done some Facebook stalking or left a ranting voicemail message on an ex’s phone after a few too many drinks? Breakups bring out the very worst in people, but that tendency seems to exist to an extreme degree in celebrities. Maybe it’s because being in the spotlight makes you a little crazy, or maybe you have to be a little crazy to want that lifestyle in the first place. Either way, it seems like their relationships’ ends come less with tears and more with potential jail time. Tiger Woods’ wife’s coming at him with a golf club (allegedly) is just the latest in a string of incidents in which seemingly normal celebrities have turned into downright psychotic exes.  Getting Revenge On Your Ex: Is It Worth It?

Marilyn Manson

After his relationship with Evan Rachel Wood ended, he came out with a single called, “Running to the Edge of the World,” along with a truly disturbing video. (Not that disturbing is anything new for him.) In the video, he beats and kills a woman who looks a great deal like Ms. Wood. Makes you feel better about that angry text you sent your ex a while back, doesn’t it? 

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Before her untimely death in 2002, Left Eye had a tumultuous relationship with Andre Rison, a football player for the Atlanta Falcons. After one fight in 1994, she supposedly put a bunch of stuffed animals in his bathtub and set them on fire. To prove this wasn’t a one-time attack of the crazies, she did the same thing later that year, this time with his sneakers. Unfortunately, the fire spread beyond the bathtub and sent their entire mansion up in flames.

Heather Mills

Having a prosthetic leg usually garners sympathy from people, but Mills threw that out the window during her divorce from Paul McCartney. She made scandalous accusations about his abusive behavior (she says he once hid her fake leg from her), but it wasn’t enough to sway the public backlash against her. In the end, she got considerably less money than she sued him for and poured a pitcher of water over his lawyer’s head. If the lawyer got that kind of treatment, I hate to think of what she had in store for Paul. The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Charlie Sheen

Neither Sheen nor his wife Denise Richards came off looking stellar during their separation, but he took it to a particularly harsh level. He sent her numerous emails and left voicemails filled with hateful, vengeful remarks. With statements like “You are a pig … a sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless …” it’s safe to say these two aren’t getting back together anytime soon. What’s worse, he made fun of her “bald mom,” who was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. I’m not on Team Denise by any means, but in this situation, who’s the real pig?

Lindsay Lohan

Already she’s got a terrible reputation for acting crazy on, well, any occasion, but Lohan scorned is far scarier. Incoherent Twitter posts and emails aside, she’s been called out for showing up at Samantha Ronson’s home uninvited and throwing fits at parties when she gets jealous. It’s gotten so bad that during one of their off times, Ronson got a restraining order against her.  

Shanna Moakler

When most people run into their exes’ new partners, it’s usually a civil, albeit tense and awkward, situation. But when Shanna Moakler crossed paths with Travis Barker’s rumored new hookup buddy Paris Hilton, Moakler punched her in the face. That behavior’s not too surprising, considering she also threw herself a divorce party in Las Vegas. Moakler keeps it classy 24/7. A Woman Scorned


By now, we all know not to get on Eminem' bad side, lest we want thousands of his fans singing along to lyrics about killing us. Slim Shady has written many songs about his hatred of his ex-wife, Kim Mathers; one song even details how he'd explain it to their daughter after he murdered her mother. He also pulled a gun on a guy he saw Kim kiss outside a club.

Anthony Michael Hall

Hall seemed so sweet and innocent in his Brat Packer days, but perhaps he had a possessive, violent side even back then. Recently, his ex-girlfriend accused him of showing up at her home in the wee hours of the morning, kicking in her door, shoving her around, and, according to reports, biting her on the forehead. Yikes … no wonder he was so convincing as an abusive jerk in Edward Scissorhands

Society idealizes celebrities and their Cribs-worthy houses and buckets of money, but if such excessive and grand lifestyles come with these kinds of relationships, I think we common folk are better off. Granted, not all star-studded breakups initiate scary drama, nor is that kind of drama limited to celebrities. It’s just that their examples are so publicized, which, luckily for us, makes our own crazy behavior seem less extreme. Sure, you shouldn’t have sent that rambling six-page email to your ex, but hey—at least you didn’t bite anyone’s forehead!

Written by Cassandra Evanas for DivineCaroline.

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