Justin Timberlake Betrays Our Trust

Buzz, Heartbreak

Justin is being a little too flirty for our tastes.

The rumors of a breakup between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been swirling around for months now. At the very least, everyone seems to think that their relationship is on the rocks. JT and JB deny the rumors but, due to some heavy recreational flirting on his part, we think they doth protest too much.

Just the other night, Timberlake was seen partying with noted womanizer Brett Ratner at an album release party for Timbaland. His long-time girlfriend Jessica Biel? Nowhere in sight. (She's actually in Canada, filming The A-Team.) While there's nothing wrong with a night out with the guys—and we certainly advocate doing things without your significant other—Timberlake's flirtatious ways as of late seem a bit too intense to be considered completely innocent.

He apparently flirted with a blonde, modelesque woman all evening, later extending the night by taking her, his friends, and several other women to the Boom Boom Room for further partying and flirtation.

Over at Cele|bitchy, they remain unconvinced that Justin and Jessica are even still together, insisting that the "display of unity" the two supposedly put up in response to the initial breakup rumors wasn't incredibly convincing.

As for us, we're devastated that Justin would behave so badly. We've been crushing on him since he became a quasi-regular on Saturday Night Live, appearing in gut-busting music videos with Andy Samberg, and we sort of love him in those Sony commercials. Please, Justin. Don't be such a cad!

What say you, readers? Do you think J&J are actually splitsville? As for his womanizing ways, how much flirtation do you think is permissible within the confines of a monogamous relationship? If Justin is still with Jessica, we sort of think he's crossed the line.