The Hottest 30 Celebrities In Their 30s

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Forget the Leos and Angelinas; here's our list of the hottest celebs in their 30s.

Hollywood worships at the altar of youth but people, even really good-looking people, often don't hit their prime until their 30s. In your fourth decade you've grown past the self-consciousness of youth, learned from the mistakes in your 20s and know and appreciate yourself more than ever. To celebrate the sexiness that age 30 ushers in, we've compiled a list of the hottest 30 celebrities in their 30s. Be forewarned: You will not see the Angelinas and and Leos of the world on this list because, well, they're too obvious; you will see some of the smokingest thirtysomethings from sports, TV, stage and the silver and small screens. Enjoy.

The Rock, 37

LoveStage: Starting over after an amicable divorce from Dany Garcia in 2008.

About: Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, born May 2, 1972, is tough enough to be a nine-time World Champion professional wrestler, and sensitive enough to play the lead in a kids cartoon (Planet 51). Part Samoan, part Black Nova Scotian (read: Canadian), Johnson is all kinds of handsome. He played college football for the University of Miami and has used his body, skill and expressive right eyebrow to put crossover doubts to rest. Need another reason to smell what The Rock is cookin'? He's also Samoan royalty.


Chelsea Handler, 34

LoveStage: Taken; living with TV exec Ted Harbert.

About: Chelsea Handler, born February 25, 1975, is THE sexpot of comedy. While she's been performing stand-up since the mid-'90s, her meteoric rise to fame followed the publication of her memoirs, My Horizontal Life, and a collection of essays, Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. After a couple of close-but-not-quite forays into television, the brassy blond struck gold with her VH1 hit Chelsea Lately. The late-night laugh fest shows off the comedian's flirtiness, quick wit, sarcasm and, most importantly, ability to crack herself up. In a brilliant appeal-to-both-sides-of-the-aisle move, she graced the December 2009 cover of Playboy but kept her clothes on inside the mag. We'd drink vodka with her any day.


Michael C. Hall, 38

LoveStage: Married to his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter (who plays his sister on the show!).

About: Michael C. Hall, born February 1, 1971, is absolutely crush-worthy in his current role as the serial-killing title character in Showtime's Dexter. A blood-loving murderer is not your everyday crush, so from whence does our love spring? Is it Dexter's morality tight-rope act? His perfect mix of danger and protection? Hall's deep-set eyes? Perhaps it's his incredible talent: Hall previously played the conflicted, gay David Fisher in HBO's Six Feet Under. Whatever it is, Hall is scrumptious in his 30s, but we're fans for life.

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