Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Is Not Romantic


The Tudors star says his brand of romance is a little more practical.

If you’re having romantic dreams about Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, you might want to stop. The star recently admitted on the red carpet that that isn't the deal with him. The star of The Tudors recently stated that he doesn’t consider himself a romantic kind of guy, saying, "It’s not that I don’t believe in romance. It’s that I don’t believe in dinner for two by the ocean, walking down the beach holding hands – that version of romance. I think I’m probably romantic, but I’m not outwardly romantic. I’m not a player."

So, if you’re a drinking-pina-coladas-getting-caught-in-the-rain kinda gal, Jonathan might not be the right guy for you. But hey, if you’re more of a low-key romance kind of gal, Jonathan might be right up your alley. Judging from those love scenes on The Tudors and considering we voted him one of our 20 Sexiest Men on Television, we might be willing to take our chances. Any other takers?

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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