Top 10 Eligible Hollywood Bachelors

Robert Pattinson

Fair is fair, ladies!  We just wrote up Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes, so it’s time the girls got their shot. Ladies, if you want to break out your hottest dress to hunt some big game, we’ve got some Hollywood single men who are ready and available.

Robert Pattinson, the sexy star of Twilight, has women’s hearts aflutter all over the world after his big break out role as Edward, the movie’s sexy vampire.  Known to have the best hair in Hollywood, if you can beat the teens off him, he appears to be sweet and quite smart.

Adam Levine, our favorite sexy lead singer of Maroon 5, has been playing the field in Hollywood as a hot rock star. The singer thinks confidence is sexy, so be sure to wear good underwear if you run into him.

Mario Lopez, host of Extra and People’s vote for Sexiest Bachelor of 2008, is a bit of player. Divorced from Ali Landry and recently split from Dancing with the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff, the sexy man with the washboard abs is single and strutting it. Someone may be able to tame him, but proceed with caution.

Terrence Howard is sexy, single, but notoriously arrogant, insisting that his lady friends use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. If you like cocky and can bring the sass, you might have a great time with this Oscar-nominated actor.

Jamie Foxx, the smooth and sexy Oscar-winning actor, singer and comedian is down to party. Known for liking girls with the curves, if you like to laugh, can handle yourself with someone who is a professional partier with a softer side (his teenage daughter is the center of his world), you might be able to catch him while he’s on tour promoting his new CD.

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