Thierry Henry Faces Record Divorce Payout

Thierry Henry Faces Record Divorce Payout

From The Daily Telegraph By Ben Farmer

The wife of Thierry Henry, the former Arsenal footballer, has been granted a divorce after four years of marriage on the grounds of his behaviour.

Thierry Henry announced he was leaving Claire Merry in June, just before his transfer to Barcelona

Claire Merry, a model, was granted a decree nisi at the Principal Registry of the High Court's Family Division amid speculation that Henry, 30, could face the biggest ever divorce payout for a footballer.

The French international has an estimated fortune of £25 million.

There has been speculation that Ms Merry, 27, is asking for a £10 million settlement.

Under British law, Henry could be forced to pay out half his wealth.

Tango’s Take You may recognize Thierry Henry from the recent Gillette razor campaign. He’s the guy that’s not Tiger Woods or Roger Federer. Any way, it looks like the old equitable English system of splitting wealth right down the middle in case of a divorce is going to bite this guy on the bottom. The good news is that she’s possibly only going to ask for 40%. We’re a little surprised that Henry is only worth roughly $50 million. Sure that’s an absolute ton of money, but this guy is one of the stars of his sport. A-Rod makes that much in two years. And what do they do about illiquid assets? It’s a little tough to split up racehorse or investments in art. We wonder if we’ll hear about this again when Ryan Seacrest runs away with Victoria Beckham and they live on David Beckham’s spoils.
In Other Celebrity (ish) Divorce News: Evidently, Bobby Brown was not given time to prepare his legal team for custody of he and Whitney Houston’s teen daughter. He claims that he’s the primary caretaker. Wow. It makes sense; he really hasn’t had a job in a while. Too bad that Chappelle's Show is off of the air, Bobby Brown could easily be the new Rick James, bitch.

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