10 Men Sexier Than Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp As Sexiest Man?

Johnny, you've had your turn. Move over and make room for these other studs.

Sexier than Johnny Depp? "Sacrilege!" some might say. We're not saying that Johnny Depp ain't sexy. But he's already had his time in the spotlight. (Not to mention that his hair is looking kind of gross as of late.)

You see, it seems like there's a bit of a good ol' boys club over there at People magazine. Yes, Depp, Clooney, Pitt and Damon: We all know you are sexy, but you've all had your turn.

Move over and make room for these other studs.

Mario Lopez

Reprising his role as Dr. Mike Hamoui on this season's Nip/Tuck, Mario Lopez makes the cut for making us forget all about the other surgeons in residence at McNamara/Troy. Nobody looks more manly in a corset and garter belt than Lopez, and for all you doubters out there the real proof is within forty-five seconds of this Nip/Tuck clip. (Remember: this show is meant for mature audiences only.)

Alexander Skarsgård and the men of True Blood

Move over Bill Compton. We can't be the only ones hoping that Sookie Stackhouse will finally give into her forbidden desires and consummate last season's dream sequence with Vampire Eric. Alexander Skarsgård is one smoking hot Swede, and Kate Bosworth a lucky woman. A shout-out to costars Ryan Kwanten for his killer bod, and Nelsan Ellis for making us women swoon over such a queen.

Charlie Day

I mean, have you seen what green man has going on? Once you get past the paint-sniffing, bed-soiling, long-underwear-wearing illiteracy of his character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, if you are a fan then you know that there's nothing sexier than his unrequited love for Mary Elizabeth's "The Waitress." Ahhh, if only somebody would compose a musical like The Nightman Cometh for us.

Taylor Kitsch and the men of Friday Night Lights

Some of you may be a fan of Kyle Chandler's Coach Taylor or Zach Gilford's Matt Saracen, but sorry: Nobody is sexier in Dillon, Texas than Taylor Kitsch's Tim Riggins. His long-haired, bad boy, hard-drinking ways make us sit up in our saddle.

Mark Salling

What's wrong with the women of Glee? Nobody seems to want Puck—they're all chasing after hapless Finn or goofy Mr. Schuester. Not saying they're not hot, but, lordy lord, Mark Salling brings tall, dark and handsome to a high school's glee club like never before. Jocks have never looked so good.