Why Fibs Can Ruin A Relationship

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How to avoid distrust in relationships and repair damage caused by dishonesty.

A recent writer to an advice column on TODAYShow.com admitted she never loved her husband, purposely broke up his previous relationship and only married him for financial gain.

The woman, who described herself as a "good, moral Christian lady," said her husband recently found out her tricks and now wants to divorce her. Geez, no surprise there. Lemondrop: Men Lie Twice As Often As Women

Obviously, this is an extreme case of dishonest behavior in a partnership. But we spoke with psychologists who say even the faintest of fibs can lead a relationship down a bad path. Lemondrop: How To Tell Your Guy You've Been Faking That O

Even White Lies Can Be Bad

In movies and media, a woman's lies are often something to laugh about. Who can't think of a wife who hides her shopping sprees or how much she charged on the credit card? A recent Wall Street Journal story revealed one woman who made takeout look like home cooking while still a newlywed and another who hoards the cash her husband gives her for a maid and does the cleaning herself.

But really, even these little, laughable lies can erode the sense of trust and honesty in the relationship over time, says Boston couples psychotherapist Mira Kirshenbaum, author of Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay.

"It can start as a harmless-seeming résumé inflation: Your job is made out to seem more important than it really is, you make yourself out to have more money than you really do," she said. Lemondrop: Woman Lies About Breast Cancer To Raise Money For Boob Job

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Written by Lauren Fritsky for Lemondrop.