Married Woman Trades Sex For World Series Tickets?

baseball tickets

Sometimes Phillies fans make bad decisions on Craigslist.

Periodically, people say things like, "I would give my left ball if the Red Sox win the World Series," or, "I would totally give you a blow-y if you would give me a massage." Only periodically do we mean these things. Which is a shame because holding people to things they say is one the greatest pants-on pleasures that life has to offer. Which is mildly ironic considering the warm water that a Philadelphia Phillies fan got into over saying something a little inflammatory regarding her love for her team. 

Per, a woman named Susan Finkelstein posted an ad on Craigslist offering "something" in exchange for tickets for herself and her husband to the third game of the World Series (to be held in Philadelphia against the New York Yankees on Saturday October 31st). Evidently, Johnny Law, at least in Philly, knows all about "services" and "exchange" and on Craigslist. Read: Prostitution: A Recession-Free Gig?

So, this Phillie fanatic winds up with a pair of cuffs rather than sweet, sweet tix to the series. In her defense, her defense lawyer says that she never explicitly offered sex and merely dropped a handful of coy double entendres. Read: How To Become A Kept Woman

While the "buxom blonde" still has legal hoops to hula through, there is one silver lining for her. A local Philly radio station came through with tickets for Finkelstein and her husband. No word on what they had to do to get them.

Three quick points: 

1) I buy this lady's story, but if she was really going to f*ck some dude for baseball tickets, was her husband really down with it? I'm hoping those were some serious Series tix, unless that's just how they roll… "Awe crap, baby, we need a new dish washer, you wanna have it off with the Maytag man or should I?"

2) If this does not become an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia called "The Gang Hos For Series Tickets" I will send Danny Devito a bag of poo.

3) I can see this sting working for roughly every single Philadelphia Eagles game. Those guys love their team, brotha.