Rihanna Tells Jess Biel She Is Not With Justin

justin timberlake and jessica biel
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It looks like JT is not moving on with Rihanna. Just what the heck is up?

This Jessica BielJustin Timberlake breakup or relationship-on-the-rocks situation may have taken another turn.

The latestest [sic] rumors have JT and Rihanna spending copious amounts of time together. As you may recall, they've done some work with each other and rumor has it the video for "Rehab" was too sexy and too chemistry-y for Jessica Biel's tastes. But the latest greatest on the Biel-Timberlake deathwatch is that Rihanna and JT are just friends. Read: Jessica Biel Not Happy With JT-Rihanna Video

Per PopCrunch, Rihanna tracked down Jessica Biel's phone number to tell her in no uncertain terms that the rumors of anything between her and Justin Timberlake are strictly untrue. She told Biel, it's said, that she loves JT as a friend and that she hopes the film version of The A-Team is as compelling as the television version*. It should be noted that this tale comes secondhand and from the National Enquirer.

It's not entirely clear if the relationship isn't on its last legs or on hanging by a chad or over. Read: Did Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Break Up?

But Justin's grandma says she never thought he took the two and a half year relationship very seriously. It should be pointed out that Southern boys are often very close with their Grammy, even if they haven't won one. And secondly, who the fish fry asks a celebrity's grandmother for her opinion on his relationship? Do they expect, "Oh, Justin's a good boy. He'll probably end up with that Britney girl he used to run around with." Read: Justin's Grandma Was Anti-Jessica Biel

It's been sometimes said that a guy will get married when the time is right (versus women who get married to the right person), maybe being under 30 and his generation's greatest triple threat (singing, acting and dancing) makes JT want to enjoy the limelight just a hot minute longer. And maybe the fact that they have about a million concert, album, TV and film projects between them doesn't leave much "us" time (or even Us time). Or maybe things are great and grandma's mouth is writing checks her back porch can't cash.

*Note: She didn't mention The A-Team; Jessica Biel is currently working on the film and WE hope it's as good as the show.

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