Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Thieving Husband

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Kate on Today Show: "I can't sleep at night. I can't pay my bills"

Kate Gosselin went on The Today Show this morning to discuss the weekend's latest Jon-is-a-jerk news, that he emptied out a joint money market account the couple used for household expenses, leaving her with only $1,000. And it's not the first time he's taken food out of their kids' mouths. "A few days before I filed for divorce, he had [taken funds out of the joint account]," Kate said in an emotional interview. "He didn't empty it completely, but it was enough that I was afraid of not being able to pay my bills…. I have a stack of bills in my purse I can't put in the mail."

We still think it's pretty gross that the Gosselins are playing out every mud-slinging step of their divorce in the public eye, given how their kids will be learning to Google just about any day now, but this latest salvo of ugliness is quite clearly Jon's fault and we don't blame Kate for wanting to tell the world that the emotional five-year-old she married and spawned with is the kind of louse who'd rip off his own kids. (Are you listening, Hailey Glassman?)

Seriously, cleaning out your joint accounts and leaving your wife and kids broke? Who does that? Even if the majority of what Kate owes is her hairdresser's fees for that insane backwards mullet, it's pretty disgusting of Jon to drain the account she uses to, you know, feed their kids. Kate also referred to Jon's, how you say, profligate spending of late, saying that she had previously taken money out of the account because of his erratic purchasing, but was convinced by their divorce arbitrator put the funds back in the account. How To Minimize Kids' Anxiety During A Divorce

On the same episode of Today, Kate discussed setting aside her wedding rings, including the ring Jon gave her when the couple renewed their vows barely a year ago in Hawaii. "It's my Hawaii ring," she said of the discarded jewelry. "I'm changing [the rings] out. I'm switching them out." The conversation then took an unfortunate turn, given her previously stated flat-brokeness, when Kate mentioned that she and her daughters had discussed her acquiring some new bling: "We discussed a ring I might buy. It has eight little diamonds and a mother of pearl."

Yeah, we're sure that'll be adorable, if not knuckle-breakingly enormous. (Our mom has a ring with all her kids' birthstones on it, but for crying out loud, that's an aquamarine, a peridot, and one wee chip of diamond. Because our mom is not a crazy baby-hungry fame whore.) But Kate, maybe you should ix-nay on the iamond rings–day while pursuing the whole "Jon stole all the money and now the kids have to boil and eat their shoes...oh wait, didn't Jon leave his dogs here?" line of inquiry on national television, huh?

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