Madonna Helping Sean Penn Cope With Divorce?

Sean Penn Madonna
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When Sean Penn kissed a man, he texted Madonna. Pre-divorce, there are serious 1980s sparks.

Last time we checked, windbreaker pants are still out of style and John Hughes was dead (R.I.P. dude). Celebrity Love: The 5 Most Romantic John Hughes Movies

So why do we suddenly feel a flashback of the '80s coming on?

Word on the InTouch street (via Celebitchy) has it that one-time marrieds Sean Penn and Madonna may be rekindling their relationship, which was last seen sputtering out sometime in 1989.

Now that Robin Wright is finally divorcing Penn (once and for all it seems), the 49-year-old actor has reportedly found a comforting confidant in ex-wife Madonna, who also recently divorced from Guy Ritchie back in 2008. Celebrity Love: Madonna & Guy Settlement - Not So Fast

A friend and InTouch source tell the magazine that Madge and the Milk star have stayed in touch since meeting up for drinks last November. And though she is still messing around with Jesus (the model not the martyr), “Madonna still considers Sean her soulmate,” her friend reveals. “It’s highly possible that she and Sean will somehow get back together now that they’ll both be divorced.”

Penn and Madonna were married from 1985 to 1989 and both have apparently helped each other through their respective splits from recent spouses. Plus, when Sean Penn finished wrapping up a Milk scene in which he made out with James Franco, the first thing he did was text his ex-wife: "I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don't know why." Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Well, at least he's still thinking of you, Madonna. And in some circles, being likened to James Franco is a good thing.

Photos via Bauer-Griffin.