Eddie Cibrian Divorcing—Is It LeAnn's Fault?

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Actor separated from wife, still spending time with country-singin' lady friend.

Eddie Cibrian has filed for divorce from his wife of eight years, Brandi Glanville, and Brandi isn't keeping quiet about what she thinks ended their marriage: Eddie's alleged dalliance with LeAnn Rimes. The papers were filed on Monday in Los Angeles, and Eddie and LeAnn are reportedly planning a vacation in Mexico this weekend. "I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures," Glanville told E!

Eddie and LeAnn first met while shooting the Lifetime movie based on Nora Roberts's novel Northern Lights, and news of their on-set fling broke in March, which coincidentally, is when the movie aired. We are so sure that was a coincidence. LeAnn and her husband of seven years, Dean Sheremet, separated last month (announced via Twitter, because that's how you do it nowadays) amid accusations from Brandi that LeAnn was "stalking" Eddie and attempting to break up their marriage and take him away from their two kids. The Other Woman: What A Mistress Knows 

Eddie and Brandi's divorce papers say they have been separated since March, and that he is seeking joint custody of the kids. His rep had no statement. He and LeAnn were photographed last Thursday playing golf in California, and then again at a Kings of Leon concert over the weekend.

While both LeAnn and Eddie have behaved pretty piggishly in this entire affair, we aren't so sure Brandi is going to come out smelling like a rose. Talking to the press about how your husband is being an absentee father and it's hurting the kids? Not classy, and not good for the kids. We're sure Brandi is hurt and humiliated, but there have to be better ways to get back at Eddie other than dragging two little boys through a public divorce (see also: Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook). We suggest burning something of his, like his extensive collection of high-def Third Watch DVDs. Or breaking all his mirrors. We bet Eddie likes mirrors.

Via Yahoo and People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.