Friend Or Boyfriend? Moving Past The In-Between

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You know that guy, the one who's not really your boyfriend, but isn't just a friend either? The one you hope will turn into something eventually, but who's dragging his feet when it comes to making a move?

If the answer is yes, you're stuck in a fromance, and it's time to get out and move on. 4 Signs You're More Than Friends

Fromance. Webster's dictionary does not define it at all—and neither can you, probably—but if it did, the definition would read: a friendship/romance with a member of the opposite sex, characterized by comfort, consistency, and plenty of sexual tension that offers no hope of resolution.

Fromances aren't necessarily bad. Your fromance is your go-to guy or girl for office Christmas parties, friend's weddings, family gatherings, and just any old Saturday night on the couch. You guys have a great time together—that's why you're together all the time. But that also means you're with him all the time, and not with all the other millions of eligible bachelors with whom you could be pursuing an actual relationship. (Okay, maybe not millions, but how will you know if you're with Joe Way-Too-Slow every weekend?)

It's not all your fault—or all his, either. There are many roads to fromance. He could be a great guy who's perfect for you in every way, except that he doesn't quite set your knickers afire. Maybe you started dating and the flame eased into more of a soft glow, comforting and lovely, but not what you were looking for. Or maybe he's an old friend who has always been on your to-do list, but whom you've never quite made the move on.

Whatever the case, I'm afraid it's got to end. That is, it's got to end if you're going to begin the rest of your life and actually find the guy who will give you all those things you want from a relationship. So here's the plan.

Step One: Call him back later, and I mean later. Keep Reading...

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