3 Tips For Introducing Boyfriend To Friends


After a new man enters your life and he becomes your boyfriend, you naturally want to fold him into every aspect of your routine. Over time you will want to introduce him to your friends, your colleagues and ultimately your family. But introductions should be handled with care and as we have learned the hard way, should be timed appropriately.
Allow us to fess up: We used to have a bad habit of introducing each and every guy we dated to our friends and sometimes even family (including little tyke nephews) before things ever took off and got serious. This can be fine. But running your dates (aka relationship "potentials") by the panel of judges who know you best (your family and friends) can also be a way of ducking out of a decision and allowing others to make your mate selection for you. Read: What's Your Boyfriend Or Husband Criteria?
This can and will backfire. Friends may even start to resent the overabundance of new faces flashing smiles at them and the weight of your decision-making being harnessed onto their shoulders. A few friends recently implored us to follow these guidelines before bringing a new male friend into the friend loop. Here's what we learned about making boyfriend introductions.

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