9 Gift Ideas For Boyfriends (But They're Actually For You!)

9 Gift Ideas For Boyfriends (But They're Actually for You!)
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Sure, you both love exchanging gifts. But there's no reason his gift can't benefit you, too!

The holidays are here again. It's time to start receiving, er...giving. Now, you can do both at once.

These 9 romantic gifts, including everything from TiVo's magical new DVRs to the comfiest leather chair in existence, may seem like they're for your man, but really (let's face it), they're pretty great for you too.

1. Roamio DVRs: Is his DVR constantly filled to the brim? Well, now he can record his favorite shows, Old School and the Giants game without deleting your precious episodes of Real Housewives. TiVo’s Roamio DVRs can record and live stream up to six shows at once and holds up to 450 HD hours of recordings. He’ll also love when you give him full reign over the big screen during the playoffs, but you won’t feel like you’ve sacrificed at all. That’s because Roamio allows you to stream shows to your iPad or iPhone. So while he cheers for a touch down, you can hunker down next to him and catch the season premiere of Girls. Ahhh … quality time at it’s finest. (Starting at $199, TiVo, for a list of specifications by model, click here)

2. Pasta maker: If you gift him a pasta maker, he will make you (finally, maybe) that famous homemade pasta about which he so bragged when he was still trying to impress you. And hey, if he doesn’t, it’ll sure make for a fun date night ($79.95, williams-sonoma.com).

3. Custom state silhouette: You love him, but if you have to spend one more night in his apartment looking at that “College” poster, you may just lose it. Treat your relationship to a little redecorating. This custom state silhouette is a great way to help him, uh, graduate to more attractive home decor. It celebrates his home state, and the wood frame has a manly feel, but you'll also like looking at it and, hey, if you moved in together, you wouldn’t hate having this in your place ($38, scoutmob.com).

4. Film movement: Movie night just got a whole lot better. No longer will you argue over whether you’ll watch his action flick or your rom-com. Film Movement can choose for you. The film-of-the-month club sources critically acclaimed indie and foreign films. Gift him a subscription and he’ll receive a new film each month, with one short and one award-winning feature length movie. You can also add streaming so that you two can access the complete library whenever you choose (from $29.95, filmmovement.com).

5. Sit & Read Sling Chair: This chair. Is awesome. The Sit & Read Sling Chair is exactly how it sounds, and it's as delightful to look at as it is to relax in. Choose from leather for indoor or blue canvas, which works outdoors. Yes, it's his, but we're sure you'll do your fair share of sitting too (from $1,100, shop.sit-read.com). Keep reading...


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