Be A Family Woman! 10 Gifts His Clan Will Love

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Buying gifts for his family? Here are 10 great, affordable ideas.

Ah, his fam. Whether you’re dying to impress his parents on your first holiday with them, or trying to win over his sister on your tenth, buying for his relatives can be nerve-wracking and complicated. These crowd-pleasing gifts are sure to make everyone happy—without breaking your bank account.

1. His opinionated mother. That gorgeous bag you bought her last year was "too extravagant"; the flowers for her birthday didn't seem to be enough. This time go middle of the road and guarantee your success with two things you know she loves: her family and her home. If you've been around long enough to have family photos on hand, fill each of these polished glass coasters with an image of someone she holds dear, photos from a vacation you all took together, or go crafty and use images you've created. No photos? No problem: let her handle that part herself. Either way, she’s sure to love this elegant set. And at this price, you might even give her two! (, $16.95 for a 5-piece set)

2. His "I don’t need anything" dad. Whether he hums along to Sinatra, Bennett and Basie or prefers podcasts of talk radio or This American Life, he's sure to love the Orbit-M Portable Speaker. It's small, lightweight and has a long battery life, so whether he's performing honey-dos in the yard or enjoying a quiet afternoon in, he'll always have his favorite audio on hand. (, $25.99)

3. His bachelor brother. When he's not watching sports with the guys or hitting on women, he can often be found on the putting green. Enter the BrushPro, a nifty gadget with sturdy nylon bristles to keep his clubs scrubbed, plus a retractable spike to clean off caked mud. Tell him it'll improve his backspin and you'll win major cool points. (, $19.95)

4. His hippie sister-in-law. The two of you have had a couple moments where you've almost bonded. And then she said something about how many cows died to make your favorite leather jacket. Show her that you, too, know that green is the new black by giving her this stylish, reusable and BPA-free water bottle. (, $18)

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