Scarlett And Ryan On The Rocks?

Buzz, Heartbreak

He ditches Comic-Con after epic fight. Is their marriage over?

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson's 10-month marriage has hit a rough patch, reports, saying that the two had an epic blowout last week that caused Ryan to skip Comic-Con, where he was scheduled to make his first appearance for the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Scarlett went through with her promotional duties for Iron Man 2, but Warner Bros. was reportedly peeved at Ryan's no-show.

Ryan and Scarlett married last September after a year and a half of low-key dating. But recently their fledgling marriage has had to survive the stresses of separation, as they promoted Wolverine and The Proposal (for him) and He's Just Not That Into You (for her), plus the kind of arguments all couples have: He wants her to quit smoking, she wants him to stop riding his motorcycle. We're on her side on that one; anything that could hurt that pretty face is obviously not of the Lord.

And this most recent fight has gotten him in trouble professionally. "They got in a huge fight just before they were going to Comic-Con," a source said. "It caused such a rift between them that Ryan refused to attend the conference and he told Scarlett she could go alone. She got so angry she threatened to take off her wedding band." How To Deal With Arguments & Anger

"Ryan pulled out at the last minute and word spread fast. He isn't making a show of good faith to the Warner team after they battled over the decision making him Green Lantern," the source continued. "It was not a good way for Ryan to begin his work as the star of the movie."

Ryan's other upcoming project is reprising his role as Deadpool, the mute mutant killing machine he played in Wolverine (and, spoiler alert, Deadpool got, like, cut in half at the end, so that'll be an interesting challenge for the screenwriter), in a movie for…Fox. Is it too tinfoil-hatty for us to suspect that this gossip was planted by the movie studio in charge of one of Ryan's comic book roles for the purposes of undermining his other comic book role? 

If the rumors of trouble in paradise are true, we will be sad, because they are a beautiful couple who appeared to have a non-crazy Hollywood marriage. But all is not lost. Single Ryan could go back on our list of Fantastic Things Canada Has Done For Us, up there with Nathan Fillion, Tim Horton's, and this whole episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Via Photo via Bauer-Griffin.