Fear of Intimacy How to Overcome It

Fear of Intimacy How to Overcome It

Would you describe your relationship as intimate? You may be thinking of sex, which is definitely an intimate act, but not the definition of intimate.

It's almost a cliche that men fear intimacy, but it's not always true and it doesn't have to be for you. While men may have a bit more trouble with sharing their inner feelings than women, women are not immune to it.

Do you even want intimacy? Some couples are comfortable having a more superficial relationship. They relate on a more surface level and seem to be happy with that. If you are in that place and are thinking something is missing, it's likely that you are missing a deeper level of connecting.

How to define true intimacy:

  • Personal conversations on a regular basis
  • Mutual trust
  • Ability to rely on each other's confidentiality
  • A deep emotional connection
  • Emotional exposure
  • Both people open  - become vulnerable

People desire closeness to different degrees. Those who want it and go after it are happier and better adjusted in their marriage and in their work.

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