Infidelity: Are Lawsuits The Best Revenge?

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Spouses of unfaithful husbands and wives have used a bevy of retaliation methods to enact revenge on their spouse's lovers. Snow globes to the lover's head, per Richard Gere's character in Unfaithful. Penning bestselling memoirs, appearing on Oprah yet never calling a husband's mistress by name, per Elizabeth Edwards. Bob Rohrman, a minor Midwestern celebrity known for owning 26 car dealerships through Illinois and Indiana, has decided to use the legal system.

Rohrman is suing his wife Ronda's lover, a plastic surgeon. The auto magnate claims he and his third wife had been happily married since 2002 until the unnamed nip-tuck doctor stole away Ronda's affections. What's the legal basis for this, you ask? Read: Divorce Laws, Demystified

Only a handful of states—Illinois included—still allow this type of lawsuit, known as "alienation of affections." The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the suits are rare and don't often succeed. Rohrman's lawyer will have to prove that a) extramarital sex took place b) Bob and Ronda's marriage was a loving one, c) this love was destroyed, and d) the plastic surgeon's involvement contributed to that destruction.

As Rohrman told the Sun-Times, he had filed for divorce when he first learned of the affair. He rescinded after thinking the affair had ended, but then he found amorous e-mails in Ronda's inbox. This time, Ronda initiated the divorce

"He had kind of stolen her again. I don't know how he did it," Rohrman said. If he wins the lawsuit, the plastic surgeon will have to pay for his thievery. In other words, he'll have to cough up the money—and then some, we imagine—that Rohrman spent hiring a private investigator to catch his adultering wife. Talk about a tangled web.

Unfortunately for Jenny Sanford, South Carolina abolished the alienation of affections law in 1992. Guess she'll have to stick with the written word or snow globes. Read: What We Learn From Gov. Sanford's Love E-mails

If possible in your state, would you use the law for revenge?

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