I can miss him, and still be happy!

I can miss him, and still be happy!

Some of my girlfriends find it hard to be without their boyfriends!

J, my boyfriend, is away for 7 weeks and people keep asking me questions like "are you OK with that?", "oh my god how can you be so happy without him?" and "don't you miss him".

Can you miss somebody, and still be happy?
Is your happiness dependent on somebody else

I miss J like crazy but i am also happy to be on my own. my being happy does not rely on J being around, or not.  It feels healthy and great to be apart from time to time.  if your relationship is strong then absence can only make the heart grow fonder and even if he did ever meet somebody else that was better suited to him, i would let him go with all my love. why would i want to be with somebody that didn't want to be with me!  i deserve the very best that love has to offer.

if you can be brave enough to love yourself, and then want for your partner what they want for themselves ..... you will find true love and happiness.  live in the moment and know that you are an incredible and fabulous person, and that you can create a relationship to love.

that's all from the big smoke.