Beating The Love Game

Beating The Love Game

Love is a game that never ends because it's a continuous game until you die or call it quits.

Oh i played by the rules for many years but never really learned to win until i learned to change the rules. I just had to redifine the meaning of "what is winning".

Why do you play the game?

OK, you say its not a game... its for real.  But it really is a game.  Before you play, you must determine what it takes for you to win.  And when you have won, can you stop or do you have to keep winning?

I am in a relationship with a woman that is much younger and less insecure.  My friends cant believe how attractive she is but when i see her all the time, the looks dont matter to me.

But as I learn more about myself and my direction in life, I ask myself many questions.
Why do i need to play?
Why do I need to win?
What do I get?
What if I could play alone.

I remember many moons ago, back when i was I was reassigned to a very remote location and i know, beyond a doubt, I was going to loose my current Soul Mate.  I knew teh long distance realationship would never work out with her because I knew what she wanted and more importantly I knew what she needed out of the relationship.  I knew i could not provide her needs while I was not there becuase she was exceptionally aattractive and hated to be alone.  She needed to be loved more than anyone I ever dated.  It was the hardest time of my life when I lost her.  What was even worse was the fact I was relocated to a very cold isolated location and never expereinced such exterme isolation.  The rest of the world kept going on while time stopped for me.

I lost because I convinced myself I lost.  I lost her to somebody else who could provide her needs.  She belonged to somebody else and when I accepted it, i realized that it was really her loss and not mine.  I just had to make myself believe that we don't have to own somebody to win the game.  And that is what the real proplem is in love... Ownership.

I love you and if you love me, then we own each other.  I am yours and you are mine... end of story.  You cannot date anyone else, you cannot flirt with anyone else, you cannot sleep with anyone else, you must dine with me, you must entertain me, you must help me, you must do what I need you to do.

What if I did not depend on Love.  I just changed the rules.  What if?  What if I could live my life inside and love myself enough that nobody elses love could even come close.  What if I had such a strong imagination that I could image that I was in the best relationship from within.

What if we were all that way.  I mean we did not depend on love to make us happy or content.  We could live in our own virtual world from within.  We can change the rules.

I know some people are thinking, "Wow" this guy really got hurt and encapsulated himself from the rest of teh world... and that is totally wrong.

I have a huge imagination.  And that is what scares my current realationship.  After I got out of the Airforce, I sstarted my own business with only limited resources.  It was a lot of hard work but mostly my ideas that turned it into a huge success.  I dont even have to get out of bed and I am still going to clear $700 every day and that is 365 days per year.

I don't depend on anyone, I dont want to depend on anyone,I am in a position that I can be perfectly fine alone.  I can have anything I want as long as I want it bad enough.

And that is the KEY.  Its just what you want out of your relationship.  The less you expect the more you will win.