Brangelina: Living Separately Or Getting Married?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
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Brad and Angie are sleeping in separate homes AND planning a summer wedding!

Confusion reigns supreme in the world of Brangelina gossip today: supposedly, they're sleeping in separate homes while also planning a summer wedding in New Orleans, according to two separate reports by The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror respectively.

Forget separate beds, it's separate homes for Brad and Angie now, says the Daily Mail. The Hollywood power couple has been living in a sprawling Long Island estate, with a 10 bedroom main house and 8 outhouses, while Angie films her new movie, Salt, in NYC. Apparently, the recent rumors have taken such a toll that the distance afforded by 10 bedrooms is not far enough for unhappy Angie. The Daily Mail has a source who says, ''They would often sleep as far away from each other as possible, not even in separate bedrooms but in separate houses,'' the source adds, ''Angelina spent most of her time in one of the annexes while Brad lived in the main house with its ten bedrooms.'' Separate Bedrooms Coming Back Into Style

On the other hand, when a risque dress and over-the-top displays of love and togetherness at the Cannes film festival are not enough, when official denials of an impending breakup hold no water, what's the best way to squash rumors once and for all? Get married, of course! Read: Celeb Denials: Brad & Anglie, Nicole & Keith

So while the Daily Mail sounds the death knell on the relationship, the Daily Mirror reports that all is fine and dandy and that Angie is finally ready to take the plunge in New Orleans this summer. The Daily Mirror quotes a close friend of the couple saying, ''Usually it's Brad who wants to talk marriage. But this time it was Angie. An aid sent them all the press clippings about their 'relationship problems' and Angelina said it was probably best if they married to put an end to the stories. Brad's face lit up—he was thrilled.''

Yes, because killing rumors of relationship trouble is the is the best reason to get married right? Plus side: once married, their sleeping in different homes will probably be viewed as just another quirk of the unconventional couple. After all, they'll be married so it's no longer an issue right?

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