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Making It Thru Life, 55 yrs of livi

Making It Thru Life, 55 yrs of livi

I was born In Fall River Massachusettes, 17 June 1953. Attended a  Irish Catholic Church and School. The sisters of Mercy and Jesuit Priests of the Parish lead me and my fellow students through the first 13 years of my life. Then it was on to High School. Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. An Industrial Prep School. Working with my Father a Millwright I was ready for the challenge of Machinery repair, Machine Shop and Metalworking. Ater 4 years of intense study I was given the opportunity to work as a Mold Makers Apprentice at the A J Krajewski Mfg Co. I took night school at Rhode Island School of Design. May 1972 I answered the Nations Call To Duty and Enlisted in the United States Army, 7 May 1972. Because of my training I was guaranteed a School and a Bonus for accepting metalworking services 44E. Attended Basic Training 8 weeks at Fort Dix New Jersey, E-6-2 Best Dam Company in the World Drill Sergeant. After graduation and a promotion to Private E-2  was sent to Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland. Promoted to PFC E-3. As a new Private First Class i was sent to Germany to fight the cold war in Mannhiem West Germany. 81st Maint Company, 81st Maintenance Battalion, 1st Support Brigade. Taylor Barracks. After 1 year there I was promoted to S[ecialist Forth Class, E-4. and selected to return home as aEuropean canvasser with the recruiting command. Got married while home Barbara Ann. She got pregnant on our wedding night and the family of raymond thibault was born. Stephanie Ann, was born May 8th 1974, Heidleberg West Germany in the 8th General Hospital.  Made Sergeant E-5.


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