Life Undone

Life Undone

Well, well, well
Today is the 27th of May and here I am about to pull my hair out....
I don't know that I will ever be able to explain how "MESSY" my life is ... work, school, complicated relationship (which at this point is pretty much running my thoughts... and then i am trying to figure out if i want to move out on my own again now or wait a few more months... I really haven't let it sink in that I have signed up for college and that it officially begins in 7 days... At work.. I am currently employee of the month at one job... and then at the other job my seniority is working for me, 7 years at one, 2 years at the other.... WOW. so anywho i cant even put into words how much i care about J. If i try to think about it I get lost... So I guess I just wanted to spiel today...

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