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I want him back..


I was with my boyfriend all through summer, and things were fantastic, he was going to move permently to where we were both staying over summer, he got a full time job and everything..He always had hang ups that "I was too good for him," which I always told him was just stuipd..However it all ended one day when he turned up at a party real drunk and saw me inoccently chating to a guy I'd met though a friend..I introudced the two and was more inclined to chat to my boyfriend. But...He through a sulk and went and sat in the car the whole night, I left him for a bit to "calm down" and when I went to go see him he called me awful names and said he couldn't trust me...He broke up with me and broke my heart so badly...Since then he's decleared his love for me many times but the same number of times tells me he hates me and is nasty..I've since got a boyfriend who treats me well...But I can't get the first guy out of my head, I know I wasn't in the wrong, but I can't help but think what if things were different...Without sounding high school and cliche, he was always what I wanted in a man, he was (before the crazy shit went down) the perfect guy I'd met and I loved him so much....


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