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I'm a married man in a interracial marriage, My story is some what twisted, I met my wife over the phone, she dialed the wrong number the night she placed a call. I happen to be the one who was on the other end. she stated I must have the wrong number, I replied no, you dont! We begin talkin asking questions about each other the conversation went on for sometime before i realized it was 3am. In the morning. Before ending the conversation that morning I asked hear for her number, she stated, I cant give my number out because she was stayin with someone. I was fine with that, she stated I can call you! What about to say is: We talk off and on for a year without seein each other. I had no clue what she looked like just what she told me. [Scary]. Well anyhow that day came to my surprize, she called and said I can see you now...Well, I had to say i was very pleased..We started hangin around each other like friends. The first time I became intimate with her she got pregant..[Wow]. She told me that I  was goin to marry her! I said fine, I thought it was the right thing to do. [Right}! She was 19 at the time. I was 8yrs. senior. But anyhow we begun our life as husband and wife..She had two more babies for me. [Nice]. I was a dad with a family. I was the proudest guy in america. Until the drama came, Just a year ago my wife ran into someone that attended the same school she danced at, The friend happen to be a guy, Who happens to be In the music bus..The very first time I noticed a change in my wife's personality, She had attended one of his show's. My wife had done something she had never done before in our 13yrs of marriage. She didnt come home until 6:30 am. I awoke at 5am. and noticed that she was not home I started callin her, I didnt get an answer for 30min. She returned my call at 5:30 am. I was alittle upset about the hours [Right] Anybody would, She tells me that she lost track of time, I told her she should have called me when she left the club to let me know she was planning on going somewhere else. She became very defensive, I'm not doing anthing wrong, Well since then, my wife has became more involed with this guy hes married as well. He made my wife his manager, without respect for me as her spouse..Things just started to go down hill from there. My wife has told me shes not in love with me anymore, That she needs a break from the relationship, I need to seek consul, for my anger,depression and grief. The real kicker is she has left the home and took my kids and told me shes not comin back she need to get healthy because or relationship Isnt healthy right now. I have had some very confused feelins about this guy. My wife went out last week she did the same thing came in at 4 am. This time she came in and put our baby girl in bed with us, She was home maybe two hours and got up and left out at 6 am. I thought she was sleep next to me it was my daughter..She returned at 11 am. I asked her were did she go? Her replie was it's a surprize I asked Is It good or bad! She said It depends on how you treat me...Well come to my surprize she had drove this guys car home and he had our vehicle, that explains why she got up and left. But the following day she goes to work call the kids and tell them that there going to stay all night at there cosins for a sleep over on a school night i thought that was a little odd, so i questioned her about it. she tells me dont worry its nothing funny goin on, I let it ride but i knew she was decieven me..She has been gone every since. Now, do u think she left me for this other married man so she can be his bootycall? I have tried to make these thoughts go away but I need closure on this matter..She tells me she dont want a divorce right now just a break from the marriage.  Tell me your thought's on this I really need to know.  


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