A lost soul

A lost soul

Felling worthless and un-wanted.
Always competing for something
but never reaching 'number one.'
All these fears locked inside my brain,
pounding, tryiin to be set free.
A feeling as though someone is sawing at my head.
So many rain drops- enough to fill and ocean.
As the rose petals fall from my heart,
the blood flows so freely
but no one is holding a bucket to mend my pain.
Love is slowly slipping from my vocabulary.
As i watch the couples holding each other
i long to hold my memories in my chinched fist.
All emotions, jumbled together,
no one will see through my window.
No one will hear a word from my mouth
for it is the mouth that reveals all lost souls.
Put up- Ha!- wtih what,
can no one see the true beauty in the eyes of a falcon?
So much excitement and fire and the way it moves.
His eyes are that of a falcon...
never wanting to be tied down,
needing the wide open sky to roam.
I want to fly with this creature in the night sky
for it is at the night when you are free.


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