He wanted two wives

He wanted two wives

The story begins with the usual boy and girl meet and fall madly in love. It wasn't a usual relationship, we dealt with racism because he is African and I am Latino. We over came cultural differences, and found common ground. We were happy. Four years later, friends and family continously asked, "when's the wedding."  All our married friends wagered on when and how he was going to propose.We were "the one" for each other, and everyone knew this. Everyone of course except his wife
Two months ago, I received an email  with a wedding channel link. I clicked on it and on it and out came a picture of my boyfriend and another woman. "Married since April of 2007" the caption said. We had been dating since December of 2004. He had married another woman three years into our relationship. He asked me to marry him, gave ME a betrothal necklace and we planned our lives together. All while married to someone else. 
I remember him going back to Nigeria in April of 2007, in almost a haste (he had just gotten back in January after a 3 week visit), but I believed him when he said it was the illness of a relative. He came back in time for my birthday and we had a wonderful time together, he told me I was his soulmate... one week into being a newlywed... 
After confronting him, he still denied it, claimed he had been engaged but went back to break it off, that he was going to tell me before our wedding because he didn't want me to break up with him. I found a phone number and I called it... she picked up but denied being his wife. He claimed it was his cousin (then his sister) who had just come for a visit. He had brought her to our town, planned to keep her visit a secret for the 2 weeks she was going to be here and then go back to me like nothing happened. 
  After our break up, he BLAMED me for the end of our relationship, because I wouldn't believe him and he even threaten me. He was angry, very angry. I told him to stay away from me. Two weeks after our break-up, I get a phone call from a woman saying she was his wife. I told her I didn't he was married but I ended when I found out and that she should speak with her husband. She started calling and calling. In one day, in a course of thirty minutes she called SIX times. I stopped answering my phone. Then two days later, (the day before Valentine's day),I receive a text from him at 5am... "thanks for runining my marriage." Funny, I thought he wasn't married...


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