Conjured up

Conjured up

"We will be guided to be in the right place at exactly the right time and to meet the people we need to encounter."---Bob Frissell, American Author.

Sometimes I think I conjured up my Gus.... He was everything I'd ever longed and prayed for in a man and the very first time we ever met in THIS life, we both knew instantly that we had known each other before.

We looked into each others eyes and instantly everything else fell away. The way that he looked at me then shall forever linger in my memory.
A look that will flash before my inner eyes for incarnations to come, a look of recognition and confusion that perfectly reflected my own.
A look that I suspect will be the last thing I see in the cinema of my mind before I die.

It was as if at that moment there was no one else alive in the whole world except he and I.
His twinkling eyes also hid an intense sexuality that smoldered just beneath his surface that I could feel as surely as I feel the chair I sit in now...

Sometimes I cry thinking I might somehow forget that look... or the way he looked at me with total love and adoration each and every day after we got together. He loved me every day like it was his last day on earth. I pray to the Goddess I never do forget those beautiful blue eyes of his, or the power they had over me. God I miss that man so much! It still hurts so much to be without him. It's a huge fist clenching my heart and my throat. It's a physical pain that shuts me down and crying is all I can do.