Eating By the Light of the Moon

Heartbreak, Sex

Just wanting to share this - These are a couple of great quotes that my friend sent me from the book "Eating in the Light of the Moon" by Anita Johnston:

"To reclaim your true sexual nature, you need to appreciate that we
are all entitled to sexual expression. It is part of being human. You
do not have to look or act a certain way to deserve to be sexual.
Feeling free to feel sexual desires does not necessarily mean acting
them out. Instead of impulsively acting on sexual urges that arise,
without any regard for the consequence, you can make conscious choices
about how to express your sexuality and can be responsible for your
actions. When a woman reconnects with her sexuality as an innate
creative force, she recognizes that it can take many forms as she
expands her creative expression of her sexuality to include dance,
poetry, art, or music. She understands that embracing her feminine
sexuality allow her to have all her sense heightened, to be fully
present in the moment, to experience her truth, and to feel complete.
To be sexual as a woman is to be alive." [from the chapter on

"When we go to the deepest, darkest part of ourselves, many of us
encounter the pain and suffering we have tried to disown. Our
patriarchal culture demands that we bear our pain stoically, keep it
hidden from view. We have been reprimanded time and time again for
engaging in 'self-pity' when we have tried to pour out the pain we
feel in our hearts. And so we deny our pain and say everything is 'all
right'. As a woman finds the center of herself in this journey toward
wholeness, she encounters her deepest pain: the pain of abandonment
and isolation, of feeling unworthy and inept, of unrealized dreams and
missed opportunities, of physical or emotional abuse, of the loss of
loved ones or failed marriages, and the pain that comes with being
female in a world that does not honor the feminine." [from the chapter
entitled The Descent]