Do I cheat on my Husband with my X-Boyfriend?


I have been married with my husband for almost 15 years now. We are a happily married couple.Our sex life is great. Of course we have our arguments and disagreements, but what couple doesn't right? Well about 6 moths ago I was out with my girlfriend at this bar for her birthday and who do I run into? Daniel my x boyfriend from high school. I had seen him a couple of times before with my husband, but just a quick hi and bye. We gave each other a hug and started talking about old times, when we went out. Besides my husband, Daniel was the only other man that I had a serious relationship with.  He told me that he got married and had two boys and I was happy for him. I told him about my life and that I was married with a kid. We talked about where we worked and where we lived and found out that we were practically neighbors. We exchanged e-mails and kept in touch. We e-mailed each other back and forth about family and friends and misc. stuff, but then we started sending each other pictures and flirting on the computer and then playing truth or dare. Well, it got to a point where we decided to meet for the day and hang out like a date. We both arranged to meet and spent the day together. We had lunch and held hands and it felt like we were going out again and at the end he kissed me beneath a tree. It was so romantic it made me forget that I was married for a day and it was only him and I. I knew he felt it as well, but we kept that to ourselves. We continued to chat online and then it got a little steamier. He kept asking me for sexy pics of me so I sent them and the talk got more sexier and we would ask each other what it would be like to have sex. My husband is the only man I have ever had sex with so I have always had that curiousity of being with another man and who better then my ex. I feel comfortable with him becuase of our past. Both of our spouses do not know about our secret relationship and now it's to the point where he wants to have sex with me, but what if we do, is it going to ruin everything? I am afraid that I will like it and want to have an affair with him or worse, what if those feelings get stronger? I don't know what to do. Part of me says do it and finish that chapter in your life, but the other says don't do it because it will hurt your husband and family you love.


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