Am I not alone?


Is this really a safe place to discuss the hurt of jealousy, the happiness and thrill of a new interest, and the intricacies of juggling family, fun, and... other stuff?

I love my honey. I knew this from day one. He loves me. He let me know this, maybe not from day one, but definitely loud and clear! We're each others best friends, too. I enjoy the confidence that builds when he has an interest persuing him just as he does for me. We share the fun little details that remind us of our early days together.

I just would like to have some friends I can talk to about my life without having to explain some of the details! It takes the punch out of a rant if I have to stop and explain how I "could let it get to that". Also, when people do know about the nature of my relationship, the girls usually freak anytime I come near their man and the guys usually ask for a date. *sigh*

*shakes head* I'm just so lonely sometimes, I guess. I'm tired of keeping some part of myself in check for the stability of the friendship... if that makes any sense!

Yeah... I guess I'm done now. But thanks for allowing me to vent. Blogging is good for your heart. :)