Single life after 40.


I thought I would be married forever and then my ex tells me he's having an affair. The end of a fairy tale life or the beginning of a new life.
I could of curled up and forgot life as I knew it or I could pick myself up and start all over again . I chose to start over again, I had always been very independent so I wasn't depending on anyone to pay my bills.
I learned to be alone and not to let it bother me , when people said I was boring because I didn't want to go somewhere alone or be the third wheel.
So 4 years later I'm living the single life , doing what I want to when I want to and not having to ask if they want to go too. So to those who are where I was 4 years ago , I say there is life out there worth living.
Don't get the wrong idea I'm not swearing off men , I just reminded my self that I don't need one to be happy.So ladies there is life after 40 and in my case 47 , so go live it.


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