Nick Lachey On Jessica Simpson, Love

nick lachey and vanessa minnillo

You ever wonder if there's a specific celebrity code-of-conduct in regard to dealing with negative appearance change by one's ex? That is, if you're a celebrity and your ex packs on a few pounds, is there a cheat sheet of what you're supposed to say without looking too concerned? If so, did Nick Lachey get the memorandum?

According to Candy Kirby (she's sort of like the interweb's Chelsea Handler), Nick Lachey made a gaffe regarding former Newlyweds costar Jessica Simpson, "I hope she's happy, whatever size she comes in." That's not, that's not, that's not very nice. The words he was looking for are, "I think she looks great. Tony Romo is a lucky guy. Now excuse me while I judge this talent competition with my brother." Oh well.

We know a few things about women over here at YourTango and one of those things is that weight is a sensitive issue. A good way to incite a hissy-fit, is to bring up weight gain and then insist that the woman looks "healthy." Even Kate Bosworth has some body dysmorphia demon telling her that she could stand to lose a few pounds, "You know, they can't see your entire shoulder blade, just sayin'." And said demon thrives on outside negativity.

In addition to not necessarily defending his ex-wife, did have some nice things to say about his current squeeze, Vanessa Minnillo. According to People, the entertainer (for what else does Nick Lachey do than entertain?) is super psyched that Vanessa Minnillo likes sports. She doesn't mind letting football night and date night collide. Good to know. If you're going to date Nick Lachey, you best like the sports. And reality shows. And competition shows. And reality competition shows. Do you think it's possible that Jessica Simpson started dating Tony Romo because she's also a sports nut? Or is it partially because the best way to get revenge on an ex is to make sure that your next item is someone that your ex wishes he (she) was? Like if David Silver Brian Austin Green was to get dumped by Megan Fox, he'd have to try to date Angelina Jolie and she'd have to go after Steve Sanders Ian Ziering (or Dylan McKay Luke Perry or Brandon Walsh Jason Priestly).

Offhand, did you know that Jessica Simpson stopped eating starches, worked out 2 hours a day and only consumed like 1,500 calories per day when getting in shape for her role as Daisy Duke? Maybe she needs to check out that woman Becky's weight loss blog, she lost 25 pounds of belly fat in a month… as seen on the Rachael Ray show. Fear the power of the Acai Berry.

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