Tony & Jessica Ready For Babies?

Tony & Jessica Ready For Babies?
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Are an engagement, wedding and baby on the way for Jess and Tony?

We read from Hollyscoop (from In Touch) that Jessica Simpson is pretty anxious to create a little playmate for Ashleeeeeeeeee's baby with Pete Wentz (their Fall Out Baby Boy is named Bronx Mowgli, who is equal parts tough New Yorker and Jungle Book man-child).

Evidently, the former Daisy Duke is rumored to have told an insider who told an undisclosed source that she'd like to get engaged in 2009 (presumably to Tony Romo), married in the summer and knocked up by the end of the honeymoon. Lofty goals. Rumor has it that the first go-round for Tony Romo fell through (briefly) due to Papa Joe Simpson's hovering and meddling. We're not sure if we totally buy into that explanation.

We've always been under the opinion that maybe Jess got way too intense for Tony Romo too fast. Nothing against Jessica Simpson, she seems really nice and like she only knows how to love someone full-out, but also like the kind of gal that could get in your grill with a quickness. You know what we're talking about, right? It's like you meet at a party, say something clever, chat and laugh until 4 AM, shoop for a 'lil bit, break the fast at the Waffle House, promise to call the next evening to set up a proper date, then the first date comes and she's ready for you to meet her parents, when she gets up to go to the bathroom you notice she was writing her first name with your last name on cocktail napkins and as she sits back down you blurt out that you're thinking of taking a job in some third-world country that you could barely locate on a map.

We're pretty sure that Tony Romo has experienced that level of "Holy crap, this is moving way too fast, I gotta get the hell out" at some time during the Jessica Simpson project. We'd be surprised if they were married by summer's end but not terribly surprised if they were pregnant. Famous women appear not to use birth control of any kind. All bets are off if the Brady Bundch (Gisele and Tom Brady) get hitched sooner. A steady stream of rug Romos will start issuing forth 9 months and 1 day from the end of that ceremony.

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