Mariah & Nick Weighing Halloween Options

Mariah & Nick Weighing Halloween Options

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey need a little Halloween costume help.

According to Us Weekly, Mariah Carey went on Rachael Ray's show and told the queen of easy gourmet that she didn't have costumes for herself and hubby Nick Cannon yet. What a shame. A couple's first joint Halloween costume is very important in influencing public opinion about 'the real you.' Are you vain? Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you slutty? It's all on the table. She did have 3 ideas though. One of which was a sexy firefighter with a regular firefighter (which is which?) and another was milk and cookies. Inexplicably, she was the 'cookies' in that scenario.

The YourTango gang put together a list of great Halloween costumes for couples to wear. But we don't see Mariah and Nick going as Peace and Quiet. Something about their temperaments don't lend to either of those terms. But what can these two good –lookers go as?

The Pimps & Hos concept is played out and possibly offensive. Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl (not that we watch that show) is a possibility though a stretch. They could go as 2 A-Holes (from or not from Saturday Night Live). They could go as Jay-Z and Beyonce, although one will have to get better at rapping and the other worse at singing. Maybe a wealthy woman and a gigolo trying to live the easy life? Nah, no one could suspend their disbelief enough for that. What about Brangelina? Nick could be a good-looking, thoughtful guy who's in over his head and Mariah could go as a gorgeous woman who has a minimum of 1 screw loose. Also a stretch, for Mariah and Nick.

We got it. She could go as a star-struck minor celebrity who should have been careful what she wishes for because she just might get it and have no idea what to do with it when she gets it (like a rabbit chasing a tiger). So that leaves Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. People would say, "Hey Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are just like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. But with one big difference." And people's friend would say, "Ethnicity?" And people would reply, "No, something more fundamental. What can it be? Got it, Nick Cannon hasn't had a baby yet." And Da Brat could go as Suri Cruise. F*ck, she's doing a bid upstate because of last year's Halloween. What's Jermain Dupri up to?

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