Tech-Savvy Guide To Catching A Cheater

catch a cheater

Can’t trust him? Check up on him with these four gadgets.

As the professor of my news-reporting course always said: "If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out." The same goes for your partner.
One in four women use technology to spy on their partner, according to a Virgin Media survey. Spy is a pretty strong word, since the results of this survey surely include time spent surfing Facebook (guilty, as charged!) texting and Twittering. If you do want to spy on your partner (and we can talk about trust issues later) has prepared a list of gadgets that will help–and make you feel like Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt. Du du du… du du du. DU DU! Check 'em out:
One-up your sneaky partner when he leaves his phone unattended by popping out his SIM card and inserting it into a subtle Cell Phone Spy. (The device looks like a USB flash drive.) Simply plug it into your computer to skim through his deleted text messages. If you don't like what you see, you can delete his entire address book for revenge–although we'd recommend you begin with a confrontation. Unfortunately this device only works with phones that have removable SIM cards, which excludes most smartphones.
Tell-All Teddy, ($69.00)
While this bear may appear harmless, it's got microphones for ears and a camera for brains. Leave it in your bedroom and your partner will have no idea what hit him when you present him with detailed accusations–although we hope it doesn't come to that! The downside: a furry bedroom buddy can be overtly conspicuous if you are over the age of twelve and have no children. And it’s a little freaky.