The New "Joy Of Sex"


During the 1970s, "The Joy of Sex" was one of the most popular books ever released. This classic sex manual goes into the nitty gritty of ways to improve sexual intimacy in your relationships, as well as how you can enhance your own sexual pleasure.

It goes without saying that this manual experienced some backlash because of its open view on sex. But if you've been dying to take a refresher course, you're in luck! "The Joy of Sex" is now available with updated tips on how you can have a healthy sex life.

Not only does it feature super detailed (not to mention sultry) illustrations and photographs, it also offers great advice and insight on ways to maximize your sexual arousal.

Now this is one thing that we can definitely get behind. From spicy sex positions to pleasure points, it's the perfect remedy for your lacklustrous sex life. Hearing British sexologist Susan Quilliam talk about the much needed changes to the new edition is proof of that. While the classic "hairy man" illustration is gone, you still have Dr. Alex Comfort's timeless sex advice and insight.

Susan mentions that "There’s a great need for a book that is authoritative, with information that is accurate but also has values. "Joy of Sex" has always presented good values around having enjoyable sex. It is respectful to yourself and to your partner. Make friends before you make love has always been the way the "Joy of Sex" has presented it."

We don't know about you but we like the sound of that.

Because of its focus on sexual health and sex education, it is plausible to see why this critically acclaimed sex manual flew off shelves in the 1970s. But all of these new tweaks and edits add some modern flavor to the classic. This staple

 bringing it to the forefront of the 21st century, there is no question that this staple book will help spice up your love and sex life.