The New "Joy Of Sex"

Susan Quilliam discusses the newly revised classic.

The New "Joy of Sex"

The classic sex manual "The Joy of Sex", which was originally released in 1972, is now available with updated illustrations, photographs, advice and insight about arousal, anatomy, pleasure, positions and sexual attitudes. British sexologist Susan Quilliam talks with YourTango about the new edition. The classic "hairy man" illustration is gone, but much of Dr. Alex Comfort's timeless sex advice and insight remains.


Because of its focus on sexual health and sex education, it is plausible to see why this critically acclaimed sex manual itically acclaimed flew off shelves in the 1970s; with the new tweaks and edits bringing it to the forefront of the 21st century, there is no question that this staple book will help spice up your love and sex life.

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