Scared Your Husband Is Bored Of Sex? How To Spice Things Up


After everything seems to be going right in your marriage, it's hard to understand why things aren't going as great in the bedroom department. He doesn't seem as interested in connecting (both physically and emotionally) and it's seriously getting to you. We don't blame you. Anyone in this situation would second guess themselves. If you're not even sure why or how you guys lost it, not to mention the fact that the urge for sex is just never there anymore. you are not alone.  If you're feeling lost and afraid that you won't ever get the intimacy back, don't worry. It is possible. It just takes some open honesty on both of your parts.

That's why hearing YourTango Expert Sherry Amatenstein share her insight on why you might go from "hot and heavy" to having sex less and less so much easier to relate to. In fact, she says that one in five couples have sex under ten times a year. What can you do to not become part of this statistic? One of the ways you can boost your husband's libido is by being open with him; how can you expect things to change if you can't even bring it up? It's important that we don't let our insecurities build up to the point where they start to take a bigger toll on our relationships.

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