4 Ways To Save Your Marriage When Your Husband Stops Wanting Sex

Time to get a little creative!

husband doesn't want sex Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

In the beginning, you never had any trouble in the bedroom department with your husband. From the way sex with him felt physically and emotionally intimate, there was no denying he was a walking turn-on (wink).

And then things changed, and you don't know why. Your man's sex drive has pretty much disappeared, and you can't fathom why. Instead of sex bringing you closer, the lack of intimacy in your relationship starts pushing you further apart.


There is nothing worse than feeling like you're stuck in a sexless marriage with no way out. The hardest part is not understanding WHY the sparks in the bedroom have died. And nobody would blame you.

After all, if your own husband doesn't seem interested in strengthening your physical bonds, what does that say about your emotional connection?

Anyone in this situation would second-guess themselves. Not knowing why or how you guys lost it is super frustrating, not to mention the fact that the urge for sex is just never there anymore.

If you're feeling lost and afraid that you won't ever get the intimacy back, don't worry. It is possible. It just takes some open honesty on both of your parts.


In the video above, YourTango Expert Sherry Amatenstein keeps it real about why your sex life went from "hot and heavy" to lackluster ... and she puts everything in perspective.

Think you're the only one whose husband seems bored of sex? Guess again!

According to Sherry, one in five couples have sex under ten times a year. Say what?!

So, how can you and your man rev things up in bed, and avoid becoming part of this statistic?

Here's how:

Before you can work things out, you must figure out why he has lost interest.

But that doesn't mean you should harp on him constantly or blame him for your lackluster sex life. That won't do either of you any favors.


We'll let you in on a little secret: You CAN break out of your sex rut. Rekindling the romance in your marriage when your husband isn't interested in sex isn't easy, but the payoff is totally worth it.

Sherry stresses that you must tackle this issue in four simple — but completely effective — steps.

1. Figure out the reason.

Is it biological? There are so many reasons why his libido may be hurting.

2. Be more empathetic.

Remember that you're not the only one who feels sad about this!

3. Put your energy into other things that make you happy.

You'll both feel better, and he'll feel less pressure.

4. Have a non-blaming conversation about your sex drives and what makes them difference.


In the video, Sherry explains all of the many reasons the conversation can be a relief and many of these are actually sort of exciting and hopeful!

After playing her advice on repeat, we couldn't agree more! If you don't put in the work, how can you expect things to change?

It's important that you stop your insecurities from building up to the point where they start to take a bigger toll on your relationship. So if you're really serious about boosting husband's libido, Sherry's advice is pretty foolproof.